GSK-Mineralised Tissue Group (MINTIG) Prize

Year Name of Recipient Title of Paper
2007 Y Mohanram P-15 biomimetic scaffolds promote HDPSC expression of osteogenic markers
2008 Joint winners:  

Emma Smith

Transforming Growth Factor-ß Stimulation in an Ex-Vivo Fractured Mandible Model

Mandeep Ghuman

Expression of BMP and wnt inhibitors by rat periodontal tissues
2009 R. O. El-Gendy Dental pulp cells versus bone marrow cells for bone regeneration
2010 Zoe Gale Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor regulation of dental pulp cells
2011 Joint winners:  
  Samera Siddiqui   2D mapping of dental enamel affected by caries
  Lisa Simmons Texture mapping the spatial and temporal progression of enamel biomineralisation
2012 N Mohammed  
2013 Leila Sadaghiani Differentiaition of dental pulp progenitor cells on conditioned dentine slices
  Mohammed Mnienne Bioactive glasses for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity
2014 Joint winners:  
  Eleanor Ashworth  Adherence of silica nanoparticles to acid affected collagen
  Wayne Nishio Ayre Novel ex-vivo models for endodontic infection and antimicrobial assessment
2015 J. Pattem Semi real-time erosion of human dentine at the nano-scale
2016 Omer Fleissig Implementation of an analytical model for orthodontic tooth movement and periradicular bone morphometry in mice