VOCO Prize for Dental Biomaterials Research

Year Name of Recipient Title of Paper

Alexandros Besinis

Production and Characterisation of Nanoparticulate Calcium Hydroxyapatite
2009 Kush Gadhia Strain-rate dependence of ceramic reinforcement conferred by resin-cementation
2010 Tony Theocharopoulos Wear characteristics of an experimental high-strength fine-sized leucite glass-ceramic
2011 Emma Louise McGinley Influence of S. mutans on biocompatibility of non-precious dental casting alloys
2012 M Santocildes-Romero  
2013 Harriet Drouin Electrospun hydroxyapatite composite membranes for cone tissue regeneration
  X Chen Novel halide containing bioactive glasses for dental applications
2014 Saja Muhsin Determination of PEEK impact strength as a denture material
2015 M. Huang Odontogenic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells under strontium treatment.
  V. Boyes Photon analysis of nanogel-infiltrated adhesive-dentine interfaces.