BSODR Poster Prize

Year Name of Recipient Title of Paper
1990 Monica Lubbock Cell marking of interspecific mouse tooth germ transplants using in-situ hybridisation
1992 Miss R Uppal Barriers to dental care for Asian adults
1993 Brenda Gomes Association of Prevotella with pain of endodontic origin

Rachel Hall

Modulation of chondroitin sulphate epitope expression in fluorotic dentine
1995 L J Dawson Salivary film velocity at different sites around a single tooth
1996 Nicola Innes Evidence of endocytosis in oral epithelial cells
1997 Amanda Willis Southern hybridisation analysis of oral candidal isolates from patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
1998 A Keshvad The repeatability of mandibular positioning centric relation records
1999 Helen Rodd Caries-induced changes in pulpal innervation: comparison between primary and permanent teeth
2000 Wendy Robinson Identification of genes deleted from melibiose-negative Streptococcus mutans

Angela Nobbs

Receptor-mediated interactions of oral streptococci with epithelial cells
2003 Paul Smith The effect of enkephalin and galanin on spontaneous discharge from injured inferior alveolar nerves
2004 Mayssoon Dashash IL-10 -1082*A Allele: a Risk Factor for Gingivitis in Children
2005 Sarah Lowes Wall Anchorage of Streptococcus mutans proteins
2006 M Plainfosse Friction of Tissue Engineered Cartliage
2007 A Koutoulaki Role of IL-18 signalling for maturation of human dendritic cells

Sushmita Roy

Role of α9ß1 integrin in epithelial cell behaviour
2009 W El-Sayad A novel genetic locus for autosomal recessive amelogenesis imperfecta
2010 Nada Alhindi Site specific chemokine production by oral keratinocytes
2011 Ernest Azzopardi Polymer therapeutics for safe, effective antibiotic targeting: a novel strategy
2012 A Al-Raies  
  V Knapp  
2013 Andreas Heil A novel 3D in vitro model of human articular cartilage
  Magdalene Adamczyk Matrix stabilisation following tissue injury
2014 Joint winners  
  Robert Bolt HPV status influences the microenvironment in oropharyngeal carcinoma
  Kirsty Sands Microbial communities of dental plaque samples in critically ill patients
2015 D. Singer The function of CD133 in tooth epithelium development
  M. Helley Direct bacteria-neuron interaction via Toll-Like receptors
  T. Almela Development of a 3D model of bone and oral mucosa
2017 J. Davies Mesenchymal Cell Function in Salivary Gland Regeneration.
  J. Twigg Unravelling the Association Between the Denture Microbiome and Bacterial Pneumonia.
  L. Gartshore Investigating the Decision-Making Practices of Specialists in Peadiatric Dentistry and Endodontics: A self-Administered postal Survey.
2018 H. Armes Exploring the role of WFDC2 in the oral cavity.
  J. Field 3D Printing Artficial Teeth Using X-Ray Microtomography Techniques.
  A. Cresswell-Boyes Intraluminal Guidance Cues for Promoting Regeneration in Nerve Guidance Conduits.