Graham Embery Memorial Lecture

Year Location Name Title of Paper
2004 BSDR (Birmingham) Colin Robinson

Inaugural Graham Embery memorial lecture

2005 BSDR (Dundee) Phil Marsh

Dental plaque and disease - ecological catastrophes in microbial cities of slime?

2006 PEF (Dublin) Peter P Robinson

Raw nerves in oral surgery: studies on the management of trigeminal nerve injuries

2007 BSDR (Durham) David M Williams

Effective defence in a hostile environment - why we need our oral mucosa

2008 PEF (London) Stephen Challacombe International perspectives in oral mucosal immunology: are we up to scratch?
2009 BSDR (Glasgow) Angus Walls

The ageing population, opportunity or threat?

2010 PER (Barcelona) Francis Hughes

Regenerating the periodontium - a challenge for the surgeon, pathologist or tissue engineer?

2011 BSODR (Sheffield) Ric van Noort The 2nd digital dental revolution
2012 PER (Helsinki) Paul Speight

Oral cancer ontology and biology

2013 BSODR (Bath) Iain Chapple The real Webs of Science - neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs): a new paradigm in innate immunity
2014 PER (Dubrovnik) Tim Watson Hard Tissues: Disease and Materials - What's the Link?
2015 BSODR (Cardiff) Mike Curtis

Periodontal disease - who’s bad?

2016 PER (Jerusalem) NOT GIVEN  
2017 BSODR (Plymouth) Mike Lewis