Senior Colgate Prize

Name of Recipient
Title of Paper
1959 W G Armstrong An investigation into the collagenase resistance of carious dentine
1960 J E Eastoe Preliminary observations on the composition of the nitrogenous fraction of developing enamel in human foetal teeth

M N Naylor

Cold sensation in human dentine

  Highly commended  

J A Dawson

Some observations on the morphology and histology of the horny teeth of the hagfish
1962 D C A Picton Vertical mobility of cheek teeth with biting

W H Bowen

Bacteriological studies of experimental caries
  Highly commended  

S A Leach

Role of sialic acid in the biological function of human salivary mucin

C J Smith

Alteration of epithelial lysosomes during oral carcinogenesis
  Highly commended  

RAD Williams

Biochemical aspects of the adaptation to fluoride by a micro-organism isolated from dental plaque
  J W Osborne The nature of Hunter-Schreger bands in enamel
1965 T Lehner Autoimmunological investigation of recurrent aphthous ulceration
1966 Joint winners:  

J C Elliott

The preparation of single crystals of hydroxyapatite from chlorapatite

JHP Main

Action of polyoma virus on long term organ cultures of tooth germs
  Highly commended  
  J H Horsley Isolation of fluorescent material present in calcified tissues
1967 L C Dryburgh The epigenetics of early tooth development in the mouse
1968 Joint winners:  

DER Cornick

The effect of F and Mg on acid production in plaque deposited on indwelling glass electrodes in monkeys (Macaca brus)
  B Matthews Cold-sensitive and hot-sensitive nerves in teeth
1969 G S McKay The pattern of bacterial invasion of carious dentine
1970 Joint winners:  

B K Berkovitz

The effect of surgical interference and drug administration on eruption in the rat lower incisor

D B Ferguson

Effects o fluoride in low doses on serum proteins and enzymes in animals and man
1971 Joint winners:  

J D Harrison

Production of mucoceles by salivary duct ligation
  L F Greeenwood Site of termination of sensory nerve fibres from teeth
1972 R C Paterson Bacterial contamination and the response of the exposed rat molar pulp
1973 G Embery The biosynthesis of chondroitin 4-sulphate in the teeth of young rats
1974 Joint winners:  

A Brook

Dental anomalies of number, form and size: their prevalence and aetiology in British children
  A Tatevossian Studies on plaque fluid
1975 F C Smales An investigation into inter-crystallite bonding in prisms of immature rat enamel
1976 No Award  
1977 Joint winners:

S J Challacombe

Passage of IgG from serum into crevicular fluid in Rhesus monkeys
  W J Hume An investigation into epithelial circadian rhythms uing the mouse filiform papilla model
1978 SLW  Lisney Presynaptic inhibition of single pulpal afferents in the cat
1979 C M Scully Comparative opsonic activity in oral fluids, and phagocytic activity of blood, crevicular and salivary polymorphonuclear leucocytes in Rhesus monkeys
1980 MWJ Ferguson Alligator mississippiensis: a new model for investigating palatal development
1981 P Shellis Enamel growth and structure in relation to tooth and body size in primates and related mammals
1982 R A Seymour The pharmacokinetics and efficacy of three analgesics in post-operative dental pain
1983 P P Robinson The re-innervation of re-implanted and auto-transplanted teeth in the cat
1984 J K Heath Biochemical and biological properties of a bone-resorbing factor synthesised by periosteal fibroblasts
1985 C W Keevil Proton-motive force driven 6-deoxyglucose uptake by Streptococcus mutans Ingbritt and its ecological significance
1986 R M Palmer The role of dental papilla and follicle in the development of the mouse periodontium in culture
1987 M H Thornhill The role of interferon-gamma in lymphocyte adhesion to endothelial cells in vitro
1988 M Levenkind Electrochemical impedence characterisation of human dental enamel and dentine
1989 No entries  
1990 R J Waddington A biochemical analysis of proteoglycan in human alveolar bone
1991 J K-C Ma Conservation of the glue-encoding streptococcal antigen VII in oral streptococci
1992 G R Ogden Oral exfoliative cytology revisited: an immunocytochemical, histochemical and morphometric study
1993 B Doubleday Nerve growth factor deprivation blocks collateral re-innervation of tooth pulp and skin
1994 S P Sweet Oral candidiasis in HIV infestion: mucosal immunity versus strain selection
1995 V Booth Monoclonal antibodies to Porphyromonas gingivalis and their use in passive immunisation
1996 D W Williams A molecular-based method for identification of Candida in archival material
1997 D Brown E-cadherin independent binding of αß7-positive lymphocytes to oral keratinocytes

W Turner

Identification of a novel putative transcription factor associated with BMP-induced osteoblastic commitment
  Highly commended  
  J Naglik  
1999 G J Thomas The role of αvβ6 integrin in modulating epithelial behaviour
2000 M Cobourne Conservation of wingless/hedgehog interactions in ectodermal boundary formation during mammalian tooth formation
2001 Not awarded  
2003 J McLachlan Gene Expression analysis in human pulp using microarray technology
2004 NS Willmott X-ray microtomographic study of dentinal caries in deciduous molars

Joint winners:


S Atkins

The effect of scarring on regeneration following peripheral nerve repair
  M Nystrom NSAIDS inhibit integrin-dependent squamous-cell carcinoma invasion
2006 D Dicara Development of highly specific anti-v6 peptides for imaging orall cancer

L Davies

Isolation and characterisation of mulitpotent cells from the oral mucosa

Suttipalin Suwannakul

Subtypes of Porphyromonas gingivalis that differ in epithelial cell invasion
2009 David Conway Socioeconomic risk factors associated with upper aerodigestive tract cancer.
2010 Nicola Innes Sealing caries in primary molars: Hall technique RCT 5-year results.
2011 Mark Payne Role of the commensal microbiota in Porphyromonas gingivalis induced periodontitis.
2012 R Howard-Jones  
2013 Paul Hyde Clinical implications from an RCT of complete denture impression materials
  Katie Bardsley Mimicking natural bone development to produce tissue for bone grafts
  Rachel Williams Leptin synergistically enhances an ECM degrading gingival fibroblast phenotype
2014 Genevieve Melling
MicroRNA-145 inhibits and reverses pro-oncogenic transdifferentiation of oral fibroblasts
  Emma Board Davies
Oral progenitor cells exhibit broad antibacterial properties.
2015 R. Bolt
Viral status and microenvironment in oropharyngeal cancer
  P. Ryan A phenotypic re-evaluation of human gamma delta T cells in health and disease
  A. D├ĽOnofrio Novel bioactive glass cements for bone grafting
  J. Walker Characterisation of mouse incisor tooth mesenchymal stem cells
2016 Dylan Herzog
Rapid detection of root canal bacteria in patients using fluorescence spectroscopy