News for June 2013

The Opening Ceremony and Plenary Lecture will take place from 9.00-10.30 on Tuesday 10 September in the Tea Room, Bath Assembly Rooms. The lecture will be given by Paul Martin, Professor of Cell Biology, University of Bristol and is entitled 'Parallels between inflammation in tissue repair and cancer initiation'.

Paul's research is centred around studying mechanisms of wound healing and repair, investigating the links between inflammation and fibrosis during tissue repair. He has pioneered the use of model organisms, in large part to enable live imaging of the dynamic aspects of these processes. In recent years his group have also analyzed parallels between wound healing and embryonic morphogenesis, and cancer initiation. He is the recipient of a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award (2012), Fellow of The Academy of Medical Sciences, and a Life Member of EMBO. 

BSODR 2013 - early bird registration deadline, 28 June

The early bird deadline to register for the Bath meeting is Friday 28 June. For those of you booking hotel accommodation through the meeting registration website, although your selected accommodation is reserved once you have completed registration, your hotel booking MUST subsequently be confirmed by phone with the hotel directly, or by In Any Event UK. At this time you will be asked for a credit card guarantee of your room booking.

27 June 2013

Call for BSODR Management Committee nominations - 2013

This year's BSODR Annual Business Meeting (ABM) will be held during the BSODR 2013 meeting in Bath (9th-11th September 2013). The ABM will take place on Tuesday 10th September at 17.00 (Tea Room, Assembly Rooms, Bath).

This year, three councillors will be leaving the management committee of the BSODR, having reached the ends of their terms of office. Our thanks of course go to these individuals for their hard work over the past three years. BSODR therfore wishes  to call for nominations from the membership to fill these three positions after the Bath meeting.

The BSODR constitution currently states that individuals wishing to stand for such posts must be proposed and seconded by two other members of good standing. These nominations should be sent to the Honorary Secretary at least 24 hours before the ABM (preferably earlier so that they can be processed in good time). In exceptional circumstances, nominations for Councillors may be taken from the floor at the ABM.

27 June 2013

The guidelines for preparation and presentation of posters at the BSODR 2013 meeting can be found in the PDF attachment to this news item, and at the link for the meeting on the main web pages.

19 June 2013   Click for PDF of guidelines