News for December 2014

The 2nd international conference on Porphyromonas gingivalis and related species in oral and systemic diseases will take place from 23rd-25th June 2015 in London. This is being organised by Professor Mike Curtis (School of Medicine and Dentistry, Barts and The London). Further details can be downloaded below.

19 December 2014   Further details

The way the BDA represents substantive hospital-based dentists is changing and the BDA would like to take the opportunity to encourage you to take advantage of this.

Historically the Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services (CCHDS) has comprised ten regional consultants, three pan-UK SaS grades and other nominated members.

However, to ensure that CCHDS maintains strength of numbers at consultant level and to make the ratio of consultant and SaS grades more workforce proportionate for the 2015 – 2018 session, the Committee will predominantly comprise of ten England-based consultants elected from an England-wide list and six England-based SaS dentists again elected from an England-wide list. One consultant and one SaS grade will also be elected from each of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. A visio of the new structure is included with this message for your own information (see 'Details' below).

Regional Committees for Hospital Dental Services remain in situ where they are already established. However, they will not, for the purposes of CCHDS, be used to determine CCHDS members.

17 December 2014   Details