News for May 2014

BSODR 'Members Only' area now open

BSODR members will by now have received their personal login details for the 'Members Only' area of the website. This is accessible via the Member's Area link on the left side of the BSODR home page.

The society will continue to develop this area of the website (and indeed the website as a whole) and is open to suggestions from its members as to which additional features and tools they would like to see introduced.

Currently we have forums available, which you are encouraged to use in order to stimulate discussion and debate regarding matters appertaining to BSODR. There is also a facility to search for BSODR members using various fields (including e-mail address) and to send private messages to members.

BSODR will continue to keep you updated regarding new website developments and features.

In the meantime, we hope that you find this 'Members Only' area useful.

20 May 2014

BSODR/Johnson & Johnson student bursaries to attend IADR/PER 2014 meeting (Dubrovnik, 10th-13th September 2014)

Ahead of the IADR/Pan European Region (PER) Congress to be held in Dubrovnik (10th-13th September 2014) BSODR would be delighted to now receive applications from student members for BSODR/Johnson & Johnson bursaries to attend this meeting. BSODR are delighted and very grateful that a contribution to these bursaries is being provided this year from Johnson & Johnson.

It is BSODR policy to accept applications only from students who meet all the following criteria: they must be BSODR student members of IADR, they must be presenting at the meeting, studying in a British institution and have not received funding from an alternative source to attend.  It is important to note that the final bursary amount will not be known until after all applications have been received. The bursaries will be paid out after confirmed attendance and presentation at the meeting.

Applicants are asked to email with their IADR membership number and the name of their sponsor (normally their postgraduate supervisor). Please also copy your supervisor into the email sent to Linda Gane. The email should also contain the title of the submitted abstract.

If possible, please also include the address you would like the bursary cheque sent to, once the amount has been agreed. The closing date to receive applications is 7th July 2014, which is also the Presenter Pre-registration Deadline for this meeting.

13 May 2014

BSODR management committee elections - 2014

This year, the BSODR’s Annual Business Meeting (ABM) will be held at the PER 2014 meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia (September 10th-13th 2014).  As things currently stand, the ABM will take place at 1:30pm on Friday 12th September 2014. Details of the exact venue are still to be confirmed. 

This year, one Councillor will be leaving the management committee of the BSODR and there is also a need to elect a new Honorary Secretary and Honorary Assistant Secretary.  Nominations are therefore invited from full BSODR members for these three positions.  All other individuals on the management committee who are currently in one year renewable posts (i.e. Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Assistant Treasurer, Webmaster, Honorary Editor and Chair of the Awards Committee) have expressed their desire to continue in their current posts. 

The BSODR constitution states that individuals wishing to stand for committee posts must be proposed and seconded by 2 other BSODR members.  These nominations should then be sent to the Honorary Secretary. Those of you who attended the BSODR 2013 meeting in Bath may recall that BSODR voted on amending its constitution to introduce electronic voting, which was carried accordingly. All being well, BSODR would therefore like to undertake electronic voting this year.  To enable this, nominations for the outlined posts must be sent to Professor David Williams (Honorary Secretary, BSODR) by email ( at least two months before the ABM i.e. on or before July 12th 2014. A reminder will be sent near to this deadline.

Ballots will then be sent electronically to full BSODR members at least 4 weeks before the ABM, and will close 1 week before the ABM.  The results of the ballot will then be announced at the ABM.

13 May 2014