News for July 2016

BSODR 2016 Annual General Meeting - 31st October 2016

The British Society for Oral and Dental Research (BSODR) will be holding its 2016 AGM on Monday 31st October in London. The AGM is routinely held at either the BSODR annual meeting or IADR/PER Congress. Since the attendance of BSODR members at the 2016 IADR/PER Congress in Israel is predicted to be much lower than usual, it is extremely unlikely that an AGM held there would be quorate. Under our obligations to the Charity Commission, it is essential that all BSODR AGMs are quorate.

Details of the BSODR 2016 AGM are as follows:

  • Date: Monday 31st October 2016
  • Venue: Function Room, Floor 18, Tower Wing, Guy’s Hospital, London
  • Time: 17.00 to 19.00

BSODR hopes that you will be able to attend.

15 July 2016

BSODR Management Committee vacancies - call for nominations

Nominations are invited from current British Society for Oral and Dental Research (BSODR) members for four positions on the BSODR Management Committee. 

President Elect
Applicants must have a very good understanding and knowledge of BSODR. The President Elect will take up office immediately, then serve as President from September 2017 (immediately following the 2017 BSODR annual meeting in Plymouth, 6th-8th September) for two years and then as Immediate Past President for a further two years.

Councillor (2 positions)
The successful applicants will serve on the BSODR Management Committee for a fixed-term of three years and will take up the position immediately.

Councillor – Early Career Researcher
BSODR is seeking to fill a currently vacant Councillor position with an Early Career Researcher (ECR) in strict accordance with the REF 2014 definition of an ECR (see below). The successful applicant will serve on the BSODR Management Committee for a fixed-term of three years and will take up the position immediately after election. Applicants must demonstrate that they fit the definition of an ECR as stated below:

“Early career researchers are defined as members of staff who meet the criteria to be selected as Category A (academic staff with a contract of employment of 0.2 FTE or greater and on the payroll of the submitting HEI and whose primary employment function is to undertake either ‘research only’ or ‘teaching and research) or Category C (employed by an institution other than a higher education institution) staff on the census date (31 October 2013), and who started their careers as independent researchers on or after 1 August 2009.

Independent researcher definition:

For the purposes of the REF, an individual is deemed to have started their career as an independent researcher from the point at which:

a. They held a contract of employment of 0.2 FTE or greater, which included a primary employment function of undertaking ‘research’ or ‘teaching and research’, with any HEI or other organisation, whether in the UK or overseas, and

b. They undertook independent research, leading or acting as principal investigator or equivalent on a research grant or significant piece of research work. (A member of staff is not deemed to have undertaken independent research purely on the basis that they are named on one or more research outputs.)

The following do not meet the definition of an ECR (this list is not exhaustive):

a. Staff who first acted as an independent researcher while at a previous employer – whether another HEI, business or other organisation in the UK or elsewhere – before 1 August 2009, with a contract of 0.2 FTE or greater.

b. Staff who first acted as an independent researcher before 1 August 2009 andhave since had a career outside of research or an extended break from their research career, before returning to research work. 

c. Research assistants who are ineligible to be returned to the REF unless, exceptionally, they are named as principal investigator or equivalent on a research grant  or significant piece of research work on the census date and satisfy the definition of Category A staff”.  

Individuals wishing to stand for these BSODR Management Committee positions must be proposed and seconded by two other current BSODR members. Nominations should then be sent, together with a personal statement of no more than 400 words, to Dr Marcello Riggio (Honorary Secretary, BSODR) by email ( to arrive no later than noon on Tuesday 2nd August 2016 (for President Elect and Councillors) or noon on Friday 5th August (for ECR Councillor). A reminder will be sent near to these deadlines.

Ballots will then be sent electronically to BSODR members eligible to vote (those in the IADR categories: IADR MemberIADR/AADR Member, IADR Retired MemberIADR Complimentary Member) and voting will take place in the Members Only area of the BSODR website. Please note that, under IADR rules, student and affiliate members are ineligible to vote. The personal statement of each candidate will be available to voters. The results of the ballot will be announced shortly after the ballot closes.

15 July 2016

Oral & Dental Research Trust-GSK Awards

The closing date for receipt of applications for the Oral & Dental Research Trust-GSK Awards is 8th July:

1 July 2016