The Opening Ceremony and Plenary Lecture will take place from 9.00-10.30 on Tuesday 10 September in the Tea Room, Bath Assembly Rooms. The lecture will be given by Paul Martin, Professor of Cell Biology, University of Bristol and is entitled ‘Parallels between inflammation in tissue repair and cancer initiation’.

Paul’s research is centred around studying mechanisms of wound healing and repair, investigating the links between inflammation and fibrosis during tissue repair. He has pioneered the use of model organisms, in large part to enable live imaging of the dynamic aspects of these processes. In recent years his group have also analyzed parallels between wound healing and embryonic morphogenesis, and cancer initiation. He is the recipient of a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award (2012), Fellow of The Academy of Medical Sciences, and a Life Member of EMBO. 

27 June 2013   – Click for further details on Paul’s work