The Oral Microbiology & Immunology Group (OMIG) of BSODR is currently looking for a Postgraduate Representative to replace the current incumbent, Emma Millhouse, with effect from 1st December 2014 or sooner. The post is tenable for two years. Therefore, applicants should be in the first or second year of their postgraduate (PhD or equivalent) studies and a member of OMIG.

The role is not onerous and the successful candidate would be a member of the OMIG Management Committee (who meet approximately twice a year) and represent the interests of OMIG postgraduate student members, dealing with operational aspects of OMIG relating to postgraduate students and activities.

If you are interested in standing for this post, or require further details, please contact Dr Marcello Riggio (Secretary/Treasurer, OMIG) at

Applicants must provide a biopic of no more than 400 words stating why they are applying for the post and a statement from their supervisor confirming their status as a PhD student or equivalent. 

If more than one expression of interest is received, then a ballot of members will be held and the biopic will be made available to voters.

2 October 2014