The Oral and Dental Research Trust (ODRT) is pleased to announce a new grant scheme funded by Oral Health Innovations Ltd, the UK provider of PreViser Clinical Risk and Disease Assessment technology.

The ODRT is seeking applications for small grants to support research programmes into the prevention of oral diseases with a specific emphasis on chronic diseases of ageing and patient-orientated research.

Two grants are available to Dental Profesionals and Scientists up to a maximum of £5000 per award.

Applications from the UK comprising:

• Structured applications of no more than 2 sides of A4 giving the background to and detail of the proposed research programme;

• 1 side of A4 detailing and justifying the financial expenditure;

• An “Impact Statement” is also required to indicate how the research may benefit patients now or in the future;

should be submitted electronically to the Secretary of the ODRT, Dr M Kellett, by 30th January 2015.

This programme is designed to provide support for patient-orientated rather than basic research, and research that focusses on prevention in the broadest context. It is not designed to provide “top up” funding for existing projects, but to encourage new and innovative projects that have patients at their core.

The Oral and Dental Research Trust is now an NIHR non-commercial Partner and as such any patients recruited and funded by this scheme are eligible for inclusion within the NIHR portfolio.

The results of this award round will be announced during the annual meeting of the BSODR.

This programme is supported by a generous donation from Oral Health Innovations Ltd.

Guidelines for submission of applications can be downloaded below.

28 November 2014   – Guidelines