The following changes have been made to the BSODR Management Committee: 

  • Professor David Moles (Plymouth) and Professor Rob Allaker (London) completed their three-year terms of office as Councillor and, following elections in August / September 2016, were replaced by Professor David Wood (Leeds) and Dr Chris Hope (Liverpool). 
  • Dr Chris Nile (Glasgow) stepped down as Councillor (Early Career Researcher) and Dr Katrin Jaedicke (Newcastle) was elected to the post.
  • Professor Peter Robinson (Bristol), who is currently Editor for BSODR, was elected to the post of President Elect and will take up the post of Presidentat the BSODR annual meeting in Plymouth in September 2017.

Congratulations to all members elected to the BSODR Management Committee. BSODR looks forward to working closely with them in the future. BSODR would like to thank to those members who have now stepped down from the committee for all their hard work for the society over the years.

Thanks are also due to all the other candidates who recently stood for election and to our members who voted in the elections.

17 October 2016