Registration and abstract submission for the BSODR 2017 Annual Meeting in Plymouth (6th to 8th September) is now open.


  • Register for the meeting at:

  • Early bird registration (to obtain reduced rates) is available until 25th June 2017; the cost of registration after this date increases to the normal rate.


  • Details on how to submit an abstract can be found in the attached document. All abstract submitters will need to log in through the Members Only section of the IADR website at: (click on closed padlock icon, login, click on unlocked padlock icon, click on Manage Account, abstract submission link can be found under Division/Section Meetings – Abstract Submission).
  • If you are not an IADR/BSODR member, you will need to create an account in order to submit an abstract. NOTE: Creating an account for abstract submission does not equate to becoming a member or renewing membership to the IADR/BSODR. This is a separate action. 
  • Abstract submission closes on 2nd June 2017 and authors will be notified from 21st June 2017.

Further information on the meeting (which will be continually updated), including links to the meeting registration and abstract submission pages, can be found here.

25 April 2017   – How to submit an abstract