Title: Understanding antibiotic prescribing in primary dental care in the UK

Summary: Antibiotics are frequently used in the management of acute dental conditions in primary dental care, however there is evidence that the majority are prescribed either in situations which do not warrant their use, or as a substitute to definitive operative treatment. What are the reasons for this, and why do some dentists prescribe far more antibiotics than their peers? This lecture will describe studies undertaken to try to understand decision making around antibiotic use in primary dental care and to explore the reasons why dentists may not follow clinical guidelines regarding prescribing. It will also consider how greater understanding of the drivers of inappropriate antibiotic use can be utilised in the design of interventions to optimise antibiotic prescribing in dentistry.

About Anwen: Anwen Cope is a Specialty Trainee in Dental Public Health at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board in Wales. She graduated from Cardiff University in 2009 and worked in primary and secondary care dental services in South Wales before returning to Cardiff University in 2011 to undertake postgraduate research. She was awarded her PhD in 2015. Her research seeks to understand how antibiotics are used in the management of acute dental problems in primary care. She started specialty training in the NHS in September 2015 and currently holds a Clinical Research Time Award from Health and Care Research Wales.

3 August 2017