BSODR will hold annual prize competitions during the next IADR/PER General Session & Exhibition, which takes place in London, UK from 25th to 28th July 2018. BSODR will host the following prizes with eligibility for undergraduate and postgraduate students and early career researchers:

  • Senior Colgate prize       
  • Junior Colgate Undergraduate prize
  • Unilever Poster prize 
  • GSK-Mineralised Tissue Group (MINTIG) Travel award
  • Voco Prize for Dental Biomaterials Research     
  • Oral Medicine and Pathology (OMP) group prize

Enter on-line during abstract submission. Please check the eligibility criteria here and remember that you may enter for one prize only.

Those entering the Colgate prizes should also indicate their willingness to also be considered as the BSODR entrant for the IADR Hatton Prize in 2019. Please note that due to the high popularity of the Senior Colgate prize, entries will be triaged and judged on your abstract and a 1,500-word manuscript also to be submitted as part of this prize entry (approximately 4 weeks after abstract submission). 

For further information, email Prof Rachel Waddington, Chair of the BSODR Awards Committee (

15 December 2017