Awards and Prizes
The BSODR administers and awards a number of research prizes that are normally held annually during the annual meetings of the BSODR, either in the UK or that form part of the Pan European Region (PER)-IADR Congress. In 2021 the BSODR will hold all prize competitions as part of the PER 2022 Annual Meeting from 15th to 17th September in Marseille.

Prize Information and Eligibility for Individual Prizes
For full information specific to the prizes available for entry, please click on the relevant link below. 

Important: Researchers are only eligible to enter for ONE of the following BSODR prize in any given calendar year.  If applications are made to more than one prize, your applications to all prizes will be declared non-eligible for that year.

Applicants must be members of BSODR/IADR at the time of submission. Click HERE to join BSODR/IADR.

General Entry Information
Prize entry is made via the abstract submission site; the closing date for prize entries being the abstract submission deadline for that particular meeting. Retrospective entrants will not be considered.

Abstract submission is expected to open in mid-March 2021 and will close on 1st May 2021. The exact opening date for abstract submission will be notified soon.

All entrants must read the eligibility criteria given in the details for each prize.  As part of the prize application process will be required to confirm that you meet the general eligibility requirements stated at the end of this page.

Prize competitions are normally open to early career researchers or postgraduate students.  The only exception to this is the Junior Colgate prize, which is open to applicants who performed the research as an undergraduate students only (applicants may have subsequently graduated within the past two years). 

Applicants for the Senior Colgate prize are additionally required to submit a short manuscript of approximately 1500 words, summarising your research presentation.  This must be sent to Dr Lynne Bingle, Chair of the BSODR Awards: no later than three weeks after submission of the abstract.  See Senior Colgate Prize for further detail on how to prepare your manuscript.  Note that the manuscript will be used to triage entrants to this prize and only those demonstrating the highest quality will be permitted to make a presentation in the Senior Colgate prize session.

All entrants must read eligibility criteria given in the details for each prize.  Within your application you are required to provide a statement that you are eligible to apply (see eligibility statement below, which you can/paste to your application email). 

Some BSODR Prize competitions will be held during special sessions that can precede the main body of the meeting. Entrants are strongly advised to bear this in mind when making travel arrangements and contact the Chair of the BSODR Awards before finalising their itinerary.

It is the policy of the BSODR to provide informal feedback on the judging process to the prize entrants, if requested. Queries should be made in the first instance to the Chair of the BSODR Awards: Dr Lynne Bingle (

Eligibility Statement
For all prizes, applicants must be able to answer in the affirmative to the following questions:
1. That you only entered be considered for one of the BSODR prize;
2. That the studies to be presented were undertaken whilst affiliated to a UK based University (research may involve work in collaboration with colleagues abroad, but your home institution should be based in the UK);
3. That (depending on the award) you are either a undergraduate student, postgraduate student, or researcher in the early stages of your research career (ie research student or postdoctoral researcher, research fellow or newly appointed lecturer within 5 years from award of your PhD);
4. That you can claim at least 75% input into the study (i.e. that data collection is wholly from your effort, but allowing for expected academic input from supervisors and the rest of the research team named on the abstract); 
5. You are a fully paid member of the BSODR/IADR;
6. That you are available to present at the BSODR 2021 Annual Meeting in Birmingham (1st to 3rd September) (session time to be confirmed).

General eligibility and entry information