Election Statements

Dr Lynne  Bingle

School of Clinical Dentistry, Sheffield

I have been an active member of the BSODR for a number of years now and would like to continue to support the organisation by becoming a councillor on the management committee.

I have been more closely involved with the oral medicine and pathology research group and the salivary research group based on my research interests but have made many new contacts who have broadened my outlook through attending the BSODR meetings.

As a basic scientist teaching both undergraduate and post-graduate clinical students, whilst also carrying out my research, I have come to truly see the value in working closely with clinical colleagues; we gain different perspectives from each other. The ethos of the BSODR helps to foster this.

I was part of the organising committee when Sheffield hosted the annual BSODR meeting in 2011 and also organised a symposium on behalf of the BSODR for the 2018 IADR meeting held in London. Although these were not easy tasks I had considerable support from my colleagues and for the IADR symposium I had significant support from colleagues involved with the ASEiD (formally ABSTD). These experiences have given me a new respect for conference/symposia organisers and I would be very happy to share my experiences with those embarking on similar ventures in the future.

I have considerable experience of committees as here at the University of Sheffield I sit on Departmental, Faculty and University committees and have recently become a member of the University Senate.

I am very happy to bring all of my experience, to contribute positively to decision making within the BSODR Management Committee ,in order to further develop the organisation.


Dr Sherif Elsharkawy

KCL , London

It is my pleasure to apply for the BSODR councillor position. I would like to contribute to the

future of BSODR, and give back to this great organisation, that I have been part for over 5 years. I will work hard alongside with the committee members to enrich the experience of BSODR members over the coming years. I am a clinical lecturer in Prosthodontics at King’s College London. I have recently secured a seed award in Science by Wellcome Trust for £100K to investigate the role of protein disorder in Amelogenesis Imperfecta. I am leading the development of an ambitious project that exploit protein disorder to design and optimise novel organic materials capable of controlling apatite nucleation and hierarchical growth at multiple lengthscales. This material mimics the structural hierarchical features of biological hard tissues such as bone and enamel. This level of organisation that has not been trivial to achieve synthetically previously. The work has already led to few high impact publications (Elsharkawy et al., Nature Communications 2018 and Materials Today 2016), and a patent application (Elsharkawy et al., WO2017168183 patent). The work has been featured in major UK media outlets. Our results have also attracted attention from a number of world-renowned scientists as well as potential industrial partners. Despite my scientific accomplishments and awards, in my opinion what makes me stand out among my peers are the following traits: i) my solid interdisciplinary knowledge with a potential to make real breakthroughs in dental regeneration technologies, ii) the combination of my work ethic, determination, and creativity, iii) my desire to work and perform at the highest level, iv) my ability to bring out the best in those around me which results in extraordinary productivity, v) my care for members of the team and those I collaborate with are unparalleled.

Dr Iad Gharib

Dental School, Newcastle

I graduated in 1999 with a DDS from Aleppo-Syria. Between September 2001 and June 2006, I completed my Postgraduate Diploma and Masters Studies specialising in Endodontics. Between July 2006 and March 2009 I was a full time teaching fellow, I then completed my PhD at Bart’s and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London. My appointment at the School of Dental Sciences, Newcastle University started as a Clinical Teaching Fellow in January 2014. I completed the Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) with the GDC in 2015, and became a Member of the Joint Dental Faculties (MJDF-RCS-Eng) in October 2017. I was promoted to Clinical Lecturer in Aug 2018.

During my PhD, I scanned and rendered root-canal-treated teeth looking for differences between filling techniques in terms of void volumes. I presented my work in several BSODR and IADR meetings. A poster presentation of this work was awarded the British Endodontic Society Research Poster Prize in March 2014.

I am currently supervisor MClinDent and PhD students with research interest in different aspects of dentistry.

I am also looking at the effect of chemicals used to disinfect the root canal on the dentinal wall using the Atomic Force Microscopy.

I am looking into the benefit of using custom 3D printed teeth for the teaching purposes for the undergraduate course.

Also, I am lead for “Peer-assisted learning and teaching project” where students shadow, learn from and/or teach those from their peers in a clinical encounter.

Leas for the Endodontology Skills Course

Lead for the Endodontic Clinical Attachment

Council member of the British Endodontic Society

I am very keen on the position because I think that I can help transferring research into clinical practice.

The British Society of Oral and Dental Research is a leading advocate of education and quality research in the UK. The Society must therefore support a range of stakeholders and be well informed of the challenges and issues facing patients and professionals connected with dentistry. If elected, I shall seek to represent the needs of junior academics who are growing into positions of leadership in the instruction and mentoring of the next generation of clinical dentists. I shall work diligently to enhance communication with the Society, promote quality and innovation in student education and promote standards of training for the next generation of dental educators.

Dr Melissa Grant

School of Dentistry, Birmingham

I am a biochemist by training and have been working in dental research for the past fourteen years. To the position of councillor I would bring experience from serving on university committees on REF impact, EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) and post graduate and early career research. I am passionate about public engagement in science and will be working with others in Birmingham to deliver the BSODR 2021 meeting. I have previously worked with the Society for Free Radical Research to deliver the Early Career Researchers programme at their annual meeting. In these regards I feel I have skills complementary and of use to the BSODR committee.


Dr Paul Ryan

QMUL, London

I am a recently appointed Senior Clinical Lecturer (Honorary Consultant) in Restorative Dentistry at the Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). I have supported through attendance and presenting regularly at BSODR and IADR meetings since first attending my first conference in 2008. BSODR has been an important organisation in supporting my career throughout my clinical academic training pathway.  I have been a previous recipient of a commendation at the 2015 Senior Colgate prize and more recently become involved through co-chairing a scientific session at the most recent BSODR conference in Leeds.  I hope to become involved in the organization and management of future meetings including the upcoming meeting at QMUL in 2022.

I am one of only a few individuals in dentistry to successfully transition through the entire integrated NIHR academic training pathway from Academic Clinical Fellow, to a Wellcome Trust PhD Fellowship and more recently completing my training as an Academic Clinical Lecturer.  I therefore feel that this gives me a unique perspective in terms of the challenges faced by researchers both as a trainee and as a recently appointed clinical academic starting their independent research career.

I have previously served as the academic representative on the Early Career Group (ECG) committee for the British Society of Periodontology, a number of internal committees at QMUL and I am current chair-elect for our local Consultants group at The Royal London Dental Hospital (Barts Health).

I am standing for the position of BSODR Councillor to use my experience to make an active and positive contribution to the society through the management committee.  I hope to be a strong voice in the society, to help promote and support trainees both in basic and clinical research to progress within UK dental academia.