The 2018 BSODR prize competitions were held on Tuesday 24th September, a day prior to the start of the IADR meeting in London (25th-28th July). Again there was a high number of entrant and for the first time manuscripts submitted as part of the Senior Colgate Prize were reviewed and scored by three reviewers and the top rated research studies were selected to give an oral presentation of their work to the judges at the meeting.

Winners receiving their awards from Professor Peter Robinson (President of BSODR, right) and Professor Rachel Waddington (Chair of the Awards Committee, left)

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BSODR would like to thank all those who entered making our prize entries once again a competitive event. BSODR would also like to thank the hard work of the 25 society members who helped in judging the various prizes, especially since many offered to arrive a day early to provide there valuable time and expertise. We would also like to extend our thanks to the continued support from our industrial sponsors.

All winners were announced at the opening ceremony of the IADR on Wednesday 25th July. Congratulations is extended to all the winners. Due to the high quality of the prize entrants a number of presentations were also nominated for commendations.

Senior Colgate Prize and Hatton entrant for IADR 2018 (Vancouver, Canada)

Winner: Amy Harding, University of Sheffield, UK. Tissue engineering the extracellular matrix in oral carcinoma.

Junior Colgate Prize and Hatton entrant for IADR 2018 (Vancouver, Canada)

Winner: Zahra Kidy, University of Sheffield, UK. Stromal rather than tumour cells drive OSCC motility in vivo.

Commendation: Khaleda Zaheer, Queen Mary University London, UK. Oral Health Impact on Quality of Life of Refugees.

Commendation: Yung Wei Jarred Lee, University of Glasgow, UK. What Are Undergraduate Dental Students Career Plans, And Why?.

IADR Unilever Divisional award

The winners of the Junior and Senior Colgate Prizes will also be awarded the IADR Unilever Divisional award which generously funds travel, accommodation and registration at the forthcoming IADR 2019 meeting in Vancouver, Canada (19th-22nd June, 2019).

BSODR Poster Prize

Winner: Hannah Armes, University of Sheffield.  Exploring the role of WFDC2 in the oral cavity.

Commendation: Jonathan Field, University of Sheffield. 3D Printing Artficial Teeth Using X-Ray Microtomography Techniques.

Commendation: Alexander Cresswell-Boyes, Queen Mary University, London. Intraluminal Guidance Cues for Promoting Regeneration in Nerve Guidance Conduits.

GSK-Mineralised Tissue Group (MINTIG) Prize

Winner: Hadar Ben Zaken, Hebrew University, Israel. Breakdown in fighting caries – Novel lytic phage against Streptococcus mutans.

VOCO Dental Biomaterials Prize

Winner: Agron Hoxha, Queen Mary University, London. A novel fluoride rechargeable technology for dental applications.

Comendation : Konstantinos Ioannidis, King’s College, London. Formation of volatile disinfection by-products during endodontic irrigation with sodium hypochlorite.

Comendation : Noura Alotaibi, University of Glasgow. Optimizing the Osteogenic Potential of Polyetheretherketone PEEK: An in-vitro study.

Oral Medicine and Pathology Group Prize

Winner: Ramizah Rozaime, University College London. Effect of lidocaine on local invasion of oral cancer.