The BSODR prize competitions this year were held as part of the BSODR 2015 Annual Meeting in Cardiff (14th-16th September). There were over 100 entrants to the various BSODR prizes and for the first time there had to be separate ‘heats’ and a ‘final’ for the Senior Colgate Prize. Also for the first time we were able to award the Oral Medicine and Pathology Group Prize.

Winners receiving their awards from Professor Mike Lewis (President, BSODR; left) and Dr Simon Whawell (Chair of the Awards Committee; right)

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BSODR would like to thank all those who entered and judged the competitions. All the judges commented on the very high quality of presentations, which resulted a number of commendations being made. Many congratulations to all the winners and thanks to our industrial sponsors.

VOCO Dental Biomaterials Prize

Winner: M. Huang, Queen Mary University of London. Odontogenic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells under strontium treatment.
Commendation: V. Boyes, King’s College London. Photon analysis of nanogel-infiltrated adhesive-dentine interfaces.

GSK-Mineralised Tissue Group (MINTIG) Prize

Winner: J. Pattem, Newcastle University. Semi real-time erosion of human dentine at the nano-scale.

BSODR Clinical Research Poster Prize

Winner: P. Sharma, University of Birmingham. Association between periodontitis, renal and vascular function in chronic kidney disease.

BSODR Poster Prize

Winner: D. Singer, Plymouth University. The function of CD133 in tooth epithelium development.


  • M. Helley, Plymouth University. Direct bacteria-neuron interaction via Toll-Like receptors
  • T. Almela, University of Sheffield. Development of a 3D model of bone and oral mucosa.

Oral Medicine and Pathology Group Prize

Winner: L. Hadley, University of Sheffield. Use of 3D organotypic models of oral squamous cell carcinoma to examine the role of tumour-associated macrophages in tumour progression.

Junior Colgate Prize and Hatton entrant for IADR 2016 (Seoul, South Korea) 

Winner: P. Hankinson, University of Sheffield. The role of CALML3 in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
Commendation: J. Hon, King’s College London in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast. The association of calcium channel blockers with periodontal disease

Senior Colgate Prize and Hatton entrant for IADR 2016 (Seoul, South Korea)

Winner: R. Bolt, University of Sheffield. Viral status and microenvironment in oropharyngeal cancer


  • P. Ryan, Queen Mary University of London. A phenotypic re-evaluation of human gamma delta T cells in health and disease.
  • A. D’Onofrio, Queen Mary university of London. Novel bioactive glass cements for bone grafting.
  • J. Walker, Plymouth University. Characterisation of mouse incisor tooth mesenchymal stem cells.

IADR Unilever Divisional award

The winners of the Junior and Senior Colgate Prizes will also be awarded the IADR Unilever Divisional award which generously funds travel, accommodation and registration at the forthcoming IADR 2016 meeting in Seoul, South Korea (22nd-25th June 2016).