The BSODR prize competitions this year were held as part of the Pan European Federation of IADR congress in Dubrovnik on Wednesday 10th September and announced by the President of BSODR Professor Mike Lewis at the opening ceremony later that day. I would like to thank all those who entered and judged the competitions, all the judges commented on the very high quality of presentations and in two cases the prize was shared. Many congratulations to all the winners:

Winners receiving their awards from Professor Mike Lewis (President, BSODR; left) and Dr Simon Whawell (Chair of the Awards Committee; right)

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VOCO dental material prize

Winner: Saja Muhsin, University of Sheffield, Determination of PEEK impact strength as a denture material.

GSK-Mineralised tissue group prize

There were two winners: 

Eleanor Ashworth, University of Sheffield, Adherence of silica nanoparticles to acid affected collagen.

Wayne Nishio Ayre, University of Cardiff, Novel ex-vivo models for endodontic infection and antimicrobial assessment.

BSODR Clinical Research prize

Winner: Belkais Karim, King’s College London, Prognostic biomarkers of periodontal disease.

BSODR Poster Prize

There were two winners

Robert Bolt, University of Sheffield, HPV status influences the microenvironment in oropharyngeal carcinoma.

Kirsty Sands, University of Cardiff, Microbial communities of dental plaque samples in critically ill patients.

Junior Colgate Prize and Hatton entrant for Boston 2015

Winner: Theresa Kleverlaan, Kings College London, Effects of binding immunoglobulin protein on osteoblasts in vitro.

Senior Colgate Prize and Hatton entrant for Boston 2015

Commendation: Emma Board Davies, University of Cardiff, Oral progenitor cells exhibit broad antibacterial properties.

Winner: Genevieve Melling, University of Sheffield, MicroRNA-145 inhibits and reverses pro-oncogenic transdifferentiation of oral fibroblasts.