The 2017 BSODR prize competitions were held as part of the BSODR 2017 Annual Meeting in Plymouth (6th-8th September). There were 65 entrants to the various BSODR prizes and due to the high number of applicants for the Senior Colgate Prize we again had separate session for the “heats” followed by the selection of the best 4 presentations for a “finals” session held on the Thursday.

Winners receiving their awards from Prof Mike Lewis (President of BSODR, right) and Professor Rachel Waddington (Chair of the Awards Committee, left)

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BSODR would like to thank all those who entered making our prize entries once again a competitive event. BSODR would also like to thank the hard work of the 27 society members who helped in judging the various prizes. We would also like to extend our thanks to the continued support from our industrial sponsors.

All winners were announced at the BSODR Conference dinner held at the Royal Marine Barracks, Stonehouse. Congratulations is extended to all the winners and those who were also nominated for commendations. 

Senior Colgate Prize and Hatton entrant for IADR 2018 (London, UK)

Winner: Daniel Morse, University of Cardiff, UK. Contribution of Oral bacteria to Candid virulence and denture stomatitis..

IADR Unilever Divisional award 

The winners of the Junior and Senior Colgate Prizes will also be awarded the IADR Unilever Divisional award which generously funds travel, accommodation and registration at the forthcoming IADR 2018 meeting in London (24th-27th July, 2018).

BSODR Poster Prize

Winner: Jonathan Davies, University of Plymouth, UK. Mesenchymal Cell Function in Salivary Gland Regeneration..

Commendation: Joshua Twigg, University of Cardiff, UK. Unravelling the Association Between the Denture Microbiome and Bacterial Pneumonia.

Commendation: Laura Gartshore, University of Liverpool, UK. Investigating the Decision-Making Practices of Specialists in Peadiatric Dentistry and Endodontics: A self-Administered postal Survey.

GSK- Mineralised Tissue Group (MINTIG) Prize

Winner: Katarzyna Gurzawska, Birmingham University, UK. Mathematical, numerical and biochemical analysis using finite element methods (FEM) of mandible after treatment with bone substitute materials and loading with implant-supported prostheses.

VOCO Dental Biomaterials Prize

Winner: Alessia D’nofrio, Queen Mary University of London. UK. Characterisation of novel strontium Containing Biactive Glass based Calcium Phosphate Cement.

Oral Medicine and Pathology Group Prize

Joint Winner: Hebah Aldehlawi, Queen Mary University of London. UK. In vitro analysis of keratin K2 function in protecting against carcinogenesis.

Joint Winner: Amy Harding, Sheffield University. UK. Isolation and characterisation of oral cancer stem cells.