YearName of recipientTitle of paper
2007Y Mohanram
P-15 biomimetic scaffolds promote HDPSC expression of osteogenic markers
2008Joint winners:
Emma Smith

Mandeep Ghuman

Transforming Growth Factor-ß Stimulation in an Ex-Vivo Fractured Mandible Model

Expression of BMP and wnt inhibitors by rat periodontal tissues
2009R. O. El-Gendy
Dental pulp cells versus bone marrow cells for bone regeneration
2010Zoe Gale 
Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor regulation of dental pulp cells
2011Joint winners:
Samera Siddiqui

Lisa Simmons 
2D mapping of dental enamel affected by caries

Texture mapping the spatial and temporal progression of enamel biomineralisation
2012N Mohammed
2013Leila Sadaghiani

Mohammed Mnienne

Differentiaition of dental pulp progenitor cells on conditioned dentine slices

Bioactive glasses for the treatment of dentine hypersensitivity
2014Joint winners:
Eleanor Ashworth 

Wayne Nishio Ayre

Adherence of silica nanoparticles to acid affected collagen

Novel ex-vivo models for endodontic infection and antimicrobial assessment
2015J. Pattem
Semi real-time erosion of human dentine at the nano-scale
2016Omer Fleissig
Implementation of an analytical model for orthodontic tooth movement and periradicular bone morphometry in mice
2017Katarzyna Gurzawska
Mathematical, numerical and biochemical analysis using finite element methods (FEM) of mandible after treatment after treatment with bone substitute materials and loading with implant-supported prostheses
2018H. Ben Zaken
Breakdown in fighting caries – Novel lytic phage against Streptococcus mutans