The remit of the Mineralised Tissue Research Group (MINTIG) is to provide a forum research discussion and collaborations in all areas relating to mineralised tissues. This includes research relating to:-

  • Structure and biology of bone, dentine and enamel
  • Stem cell biology
  • Embryological development of teeth and bones
  • Application of basic science to clinical strategies and therapies for mineralised tissue regeneration, prevention of demineralisation and remineralisation
  • Abnormalities of mineralised tissue development
  • Pathological degradation of mineralised tissues


MINTIG regularly organises symposia at both meetings of the BSODR and the Pan European Region of the IADR (PER-IADR) which are of interest to our members. Symposia aim to be interdisciplinary and translational in format, of interest to both basic science and clinical researchers. Symposia may be with partner research groups within the BSODR to stimulate new research initiatives. We also meet as a research group for a lunch and a business meeting at every BSODR. At this meeting your ideas for the development of MINTIG are welcome also. New members are welcome. Membership of MINTIG is free.


At each BSODR and PER-IADR meeting, MINTIG award a prize to early stage researchers for the best research oral presentation. Sponsored by GSK, the £1,500 cash prize allows young researchers to visit another research laboratory in a different country, to expand their research experiences and collaborations. Past winners of this award are listed here. Details of how to enter the prize can be found here.

MINTIG in Europe

MINTIG operates under the authority and regulations of the BSODR. Our current initiative is to expand the Mineralised Tissue Group within Europe, promoting research integration with allied research groups within the central European, Scandinavian, Irish, Isreali and Russian divisions within the PER. MINTIG has already organised two Pan European symposia at the PER to provide a forum to promote European mineralised tissue research. 


MINTIG is grateful for the generous financial sponsorship by GSK in supporting our research awards and research symposia.

Current officers


Professor Maisoon Al-Jawad (University of Leeds)


Dr Sherif Elsharkawy (King’s College London)


Dr Reem El-Gendy (University of Leeds)

Prof Richard Lynch (GlaxoSmithKline)

Dr Ben Scheven (University of Birmingham)

Dr Jelena Kosoric (King’s College London)