The Periodontal Research Group (PRG) is a research group of the British Society for Dental Research. The key objectives of the PRG are:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of scientific information pertaining to all aspects of study within the field of periodontology;
  • To promote the advancement of research in the physiology, pathology, immunology and microbiology of the periodontium, and of the epidemiology and clinical management of the periodontal diseases.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary communication and collaboration within the field of periodontology.
  • To stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration within areas where there are biological pathways common to Periodontal and other disease processes.
  • To assist the BSDR in developing its scientific programme.
  • To foster links with the Periodontal Research Group of the International Association for Dental Research.

The PRG at all times operates under the rules of the BSDR and is subject to the authority of the Council of BSDR.

Current officers


Dr Mark Ide


Dr Francesco D’Aiuto

Senior Councillor (immediate past Chairman)

Dr Anthony Roberts