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Wim Crielaard is head of the department of Preventive Dentistry at the Academic Center for Dentistry in Amsterdam (ACTA), the Dentistry faculty of the two Amsterdam Universities. He obtained his PhD from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in 1989 and is currently professor of Molecular Biology at ACTA, honorary professor of Oral Biosciences at the University of Hong Kong and visiting professor Oral Microbiology at the Sun Yat-sen University of Guangzhou in China.

For the last 20 years his teaching and research has concentrated on the molecular aspects of biological signal generation/transduction in micro-organisms. Since he has joined ACTA 8 years ago he has used his expertise in studying the molecular biology of multi-species oral microbial communities in relation to the role these communities play in maintaining oral health and causing oral infections.

With his co-workers he studied the complexity of oral microbiomes including biological signal transduction events involved in maintaining a healthy equilibrium or leading to dynamic changes in physiology, population- composition and hence development of the virulence potential of pathogenic oral microorganisms.

Approaches in this research include next generation DNA-sequencing and the accompanying bioinformatics, the development and evaluation of different oral biofilm-model systems (in particular for use in molecular biologic studies), the generation of reporter-strains and reporter-genes and techniques to probe population dynamics and physicochemical environmental parameters. He is (co-)author of over 90 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters on oral molecular microbiology and bacterial signal transduction.

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