Rebecca Jones

Level 7 Oral Biology
School of Dental Sciences
Newcastle University
Framlington Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE2 4BW 
Tel: 0191 208 8840
Contact: click here


I completed my Biomedical Sciences degree at Durham University in 2015. During my undergraduate studies I completed a year as a research assistant working in collaboration with Hypha Discovery Ltd and Durham University with preliminary research funded by the BBSRC. The project involved high throughput screening of novel fungal compounds against the protozoa Leishmania mexicana and Toxoplasma gondii and screening their toxicity to a mammalian cell line.

I currently completing my PhD in the Centre for Oral Health Research (COHR) at Newcastle University. My research is focused on modelling multi-species oral biofilms and studying their interactions to enhance current plaque removal techniques. This research involves developing a dynamic flow model and screening various compounds for their effectiveness in biofilm inhibition and softening. My research is funded by Phillips Oral Healthcare and the EPSRC.

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