The BSODR administers and awards a number of research prizes that are held annually during the scientific meetings of the BSODR or BSODR meeting that form part of the Pan European Region meeting of IADR. Most awards are associated with cash prizes and can offer funding for furthering the research career of the winner such as a travel award to a collaborating department or scientific conference.

The most prestigious prize, the Senior Colgate Prize, has been awarded since 1959 and most of the winners have risen to become international leaders in oral and dental research.

General eligibility and entry information

Prize competitions are normally open to early career researchers, postgraduate or undergraduate students.

All entrants must be members of BSODR.

Researchers are only eligible to enter for ONE prize in any given calendar year.

Prize entry should be requested at time of abstract submission, the closing date for prize entries being the abstract submission deadline for that particular meeting. Retrospective entrants will not be considered.

Winners from the Senior Colgate and Junior Colgate Prizes are eligible to be considered for the IADR Unilever Hatton Divisional Award and are funded to attend the next international meeting of the IADR to compete in the international Unilever Hatton awards. Note: only winners of these prizes are eligible to apply for the IADR Unilever Hatton Divisional Award which is supported via nomination from the BSODR.

The Senior Colgate Prize also requires the candidate to submit a manuscript of approximately 1500 words, summarising your research presentation, within three weeks of the abstract submission deadline. 

Some BSODR Prize competitions will be held during special sessions that can precede the main body of the meeting. Entrants are strongly advised to bear this in mind when making travel arrangements and contact the Chair of the BSODR Awards before finalising their itinerary.

Entrants may thus also be required to present their oral or poster presentation for a second time during the normal scheduled sessions of the meeting. While we will endeavor to maintain the same presentation format this may not be possible where prizes are held during the PER meeting. 

Prize information and eligibility for individual prizes

For full information specific to the prize click on the relevant link


It is the policy of the BSODR to provide informal feedback on the judging process to the prize entrants, if requested. Queries should be made in the first instance, to the Chair of the BSODR Awards, Dr Lynne Bingle: