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Management committee and constitution

The current BSODR management committee and their roles

Prof Simon Whawell
Honorary President

Prof Rachel Waddington
Immediate Past President

Prof Marcello Riggio
IADR/PER Representative

Dr Anousheh Alavi
Honorary Treasurer

Dr Zoe Brookes
Assistant Honorary Treasurer

Prof Paul Anderson
Honorary Secretary

Christopher Nile
Assistant Honorary Secretary

Dr Vehid Salih
Honorary Editor

Dr Lynne Bingle
Chair of Awards

Dr Richard Holliday

Mrs Gail Vernon
Councillor: Industry

Mr Greig Taylor
Councillor: Early Career Researchers (2022-2025)

Dr Cher Farrugia
Councillor (2023-2026)

Dr Kataryna Gurawska
Councillor (2023-2026)