Year Name of
Title of Paper
1978G MendhamThe effect of Na+ ions and Li+ ions on the
intradental nerves in the ferret
1979S J GriffithsThe acidogenic potential of plaque from
caries-free and caries-prone subjects and the
effects of nonanoate-sugar mouthrinses
1980Joint winners:
G Sime

J R Drummond
G SimeMasseter muscle excitation evoked by mechanical stimulation of upper incisor teeth in relaxed human subjects

A qualitative and quantitative study of the human salivary glands
1981Joint winners:
S Liggins

R Spicer
Studies on pellicle formation. The interaction of a purified salivary glycoprotein with

The effects of halothane anaesthesia on the
eruption rate of the rat mandibular incisor
1982K D AlpineDietary and toothbrushing habits, and
attendance patterns of dental hospital staff
and students
1983A E CaponThe role of the innervations in the
development of palatal rugae in the mouse
1984F G McDonaldHormonal modulation of NK-cells
1985I HollandThe durability of amalgam restorations in
deciduous molars
1986B A CoglanA computer-aided assessment of facial
asymmetry in repaired cleft lips
1987Fiona E SmithAcidogenicity in human dental plaque of
three sugary snacks tested in vivo
1988Joint winners:

D J Owen
Early root surface formation in the molar
teeth of rats

The effect of nerve growth factor depletion on collateral reinnervation in guinea pigs
1989Joint winners:
P Maillou

S Q J Rice
The widespread nature of the reflex control of jaw muscles in man

Production of immunosuppressive factors by
two oral carcinoma cell lines
1990A J MighellDentigerous cyst fibroblasts behave
differently in vitrofrom gingival and foreskin fibroblasts
1991Stella MitchellThe origin of post-inhibitory excitations in
human jaw reflexes
1992Gail V A DouglasThe effect of clinical experience on
assessments of patients’ anxiety
1993V SivarajasingamMeasurement of minor salivary gland flow
from various oral sites
1994C J TredwinThe effect of preganglionic sympathectomy on reflex parotid secretion in conscious rabbits
1995Clair LawsonMolecular genetic studies of
blepharophimosis sequence
1996A KetabchiInduction of apoptotic cell death by
photodynamic therapy (PDT) in normal and
malignant keratinocytes
1997K D HunterThe effects of fluconazole treatment on the
oral mycological flora in HIV seropositive
1998Roshi RowshaneiAcidogenic potential of gluco-
oligosaccharides; in vitro and in vivo tests
1999Judith M ParkhillInterleukin-1 gene polymorphism and
susceptibility to early onset periodontitis
2000D RynnAn evaluation of patient-controlled
pharmacological sedation with propofol
2001O AddisonThe influence of thermal cycling on porcelain laminate veneer longevity
2003Harpit JanduThe influence of alumina abrasion and
cement lute on the strength of dental
2004J MasonPredicting Oral Health related quality of life
at 50
2005J  M CollierThe functional role of CXCR4 in oral
carcinoma invasion
2006R DamerauInsulin-like growth factor-1 in oral neoplasia
2007A NayakSalivary proteins inhibit the feeling
of astringency
2008Wasim HakimMuscle-Nerve Interactions in Chimaeric In
Vitro 3D Collagen Models
2009Rhiannon DaviesDo patients with aggressive periodontitis have subclinical diabetes?
2010Najam ImamThe role of microRNA in tooth development
2011Dominic SmithArRESTing oral cancer progression
2012H Crane

A Babbar

2013Joe WhiteRole of HOPX in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
2014Theresa KleverlaanEffects of binding immunoglobulin protein on osteoblasts in vitro
2015P. Hankinson

J. Hon
The role of CALML3 in oral squamous
cell carcinoma

The association of calcium channel blockers \
with periodontal disease
HOX-PBX Interactions Are Potential
Therapeutic Targets In HNSCC
2017Heather WallisIdentification of novel Neuronal Roles in Oral Cancer Tumour Microenvironments.
2018Zahra Kidy

K. Zaheer

Y. W. J. Lee
Stromal rather than tumour cells drive OSCC motility in vivo.

Oral Health Impact on Quality of Life of

What Are Undergraduate Dental Students
Career Plans, And Why?