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Junior Colgate Prize

Junior Colgate Prize

Colgate Oral Health Network offers a cash award of £300 for the best verbal presentation by an undergraduate student. In addition, Colgate will reward the prize-winner’s department with £3000 to support undergraduate research in the coming year. It is expected that the department will submit a report to the BSODR outlining how they intend to use the award. This should be completed in a timely manner.


This competition will be limited to those candidates who have carried out their research in a UK Institution as part of an undergraduate course (research undertaken as an undergraduate science student, as a dental student, or while pursuing an intercalated science degree while in training as a dental student). You must be within 2-year of graduation at the time of the meeting at which the prize competition is adjudicated. Papers may be co-authored, although it is expected that entries for the prize will be in one name only and that person shall have been the major contributor to the work reported in the abstract.

Previous successful recipients of the prize will not be eligible to enter in future years.

Submission Process

Please submit a 300 word abstract for the meeting via the abstract submission website (see events page for details).

Submissions are only accepted from the researcher wishing to be considered for the prize. Submissions made by co-authors or supervisors on the applicant’s behalf will not be considered. The email address through which the submission is made will be used as the address for all future correspondence.

The prize will be judged on an oral presentation given during the BSODR Annual Meeting.

Some BSODR Prize competitions will be held during special sessions that can precede the main body of the meeting. Entrants are strongly advised to bear this in mind when making travel arrangements and contact the Chair of the BSODR Awards before finalising their itinerary.


It is the policy of the BSODR to provide informal feedback on the judging process to the prize entrants, if requested. Queries should be made in the first instance to the Chair of the BSODR Awards: Dr Lynne Bingle (

Eligibility statement:  

For all prizes, applicants must be able to answer in the affirmative to the following questions:

1. That you only entered be considered for one of the BSODR prize;

2. That the studies to be presented were undertaken whilst affiliated to a UK based University (research may involve work in collaboration with colleagues abroad, but your home institution should be based in the UK);

3. That (depending on the award) you are either a undergraduate student, postgraduate student, or researcher in the early stages of your research career (ie research student or postdoctoral researcher, research fellow or newly appointed lecturer within 5 years from award of your PhD);

4. That you can claim at least 75% input into the study (i.e. that data collection is wholly from your effort, but allowing for expected academic input from supervisors and the rest of the research team named on the abstract);

5. You are a fully paid member of the BSODR/IADR;

6. That you are available to present at the relevant meeting.

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