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Well done to all our our 2023 prize winners!!

Senior Colgate winner – Hanya Mahmood (Sheffield) – Digital Analysis of Oral Dysplasia to aid Early Cancer Detection

Senior Colgate Highly commended – Randy Chance (QMUL) – Discovery of a Human scFv against OMVs of Porphyromonas gingivalis.and Crystal Marruganti (Eastman) – Healthy Lifestyles as Protective Indicators for Periodontal Diseases. Results from Two Large-Scale Surveys.

Junior Colgate – Florence Mai (QMUL) – Synergistic Influence of Poly-Gamma-Glutamate and Fluoride on Hydroxyapatite Demineralisation

Voco winner – Mahmoud Hasan (QMUL) – A novel bioactive resin infiltrant for early enamel carious lesions

Voco highly commended – Angelle Esparon (QMUL) – The Bond Strength Of A Hybrid Calcium Aluminate/Glass-Ionomer Cement and Eda Dzinovic (KCL) – Development of Novel Bioinspired Adhesives for Dental Applications

Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology winner – Khlood Alkurdi (QMUL) – Repurposing Approved Chemotherapeutics For Counteracting Chemoresistance In HNSCC

Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology highly commended – Rana Ibrahim – (QMUL) Deciphering the Genetic & Spatial Intratumour Heterogeneity of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Mintig – Bethany Harding (Southampton) – Effect of NovaMin Glass Particle Size on Dentine Tubule Occlusion

BSODR poster prize – 2 joint winners Diana Abduallah (Birmingham) – Investigation of Bioactive Coatings to Promote Gingival Attachment to Subgingival Dental Restorations and Xuechen Zhang (KCL) – Creating a Bio-tooth: Designing a Microenvironment to Generate Tooth Organoids.

Dr Richard Holliday

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