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In August 2022 I nervously took on the role of BSODR webmaster. The remit was to update the website and social media profiles. The current/old website has served us well but was in need of a redesign. I had some previous basic experience in working on WordPress sites but I was a long way from being a website designer(!!) so we sought the help of professionals!

Over the last few months I’ve been working with the team from VSM Marketing to design and launch a new BSODR website. We are pleased to now have the site live and kicking. Thanks to the expert team at VSM who have help us give the website a new look and feel. We’ve also spent a lot of time simplifying content and making the website navigation as easy as possible. Everything is mobile friendly and with easy links to social media.

We hope you enjoy the website and please do drop me a line with any feedback. If you are reading this you will have found your way to the blog section which is a new feature. We are looking out for contributors so if you have something which you would like to share please get in touch.

The next challenge is social media (don’t worry we won’t be going away from traditional ways of communication as well). We have a good presence on some platforms but I’m currently working with the VSM team to enhance our reach and spread the word about oral and dental research in the UK.

Dr Richard Holliday

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