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It is a genuine honour and privilege to be invested as President of BSODR and be custodian of the medal of office referred to by a previous incumbent as ‘like being awarded best of show’. I am certainly not ‘best in show’ and am somewhat embarrassed to join such a distinguished list of past presidents. But BSODR and IADR have been my preferred forum for my research and that of the students I have supervised for nearly 25 years and I passionately support its key missions. I have benefited hugely both personally and professionally from my association with BSODR over this time. Thank you for considering me worthy to be the next President.

I must thank Rachel O’Brien Waddington for all her work during her term as President, the first women to hold this role but I sincerely hope not the last. With very able assistance from the management committee team there has been really important progress in key areas during her term including supporting early careers researchers, engaging with the research groups, our website, improving our links with Industry and financial arrangements. As we will continue to benefit from your support as past president, we must also thank our current past president Marcello Riggio for all is work particularly in linking with PER and IADR, a role in which he will continue.

Finally, in this 70th anniversary year of the British Division (the material scientists will want to call platinum) we celebrate & honour past achievements and presidents but also look forward to the next meeting in Newcastle, the next 70 years and beyond.

Professor Simon Whawell

Professor of Integrated Oral Sciences

Peninsula Dental School

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